2011 - 2014

Pirdop, Bulgaria

After signing the contract in 2011, CPPE delivered and supervised the installation of an Off Gas Treatment Plant to remove dust, heavy metals and sulphur dioxide by its SULFACID® technology from the exhaust gas of production lines at the Aurubis copper refining plant in Pirdop, Bulgaria. Altogether CPPE built 10 FRP reactors, 5 reactors in parallel per line.

CPPE’s installation in Pirdop performs the gas cleaning process in 2 steps. First, in a radial flow scrubber with WESPs (wet electrostatic precipitators) and then in the SULFACID® reactors. This has several advantages: the final acid quality is provided by an adequate gas cleaning step, there is no by-product (the acid is reused in the contact plant in replacement of dilution water), and the acid production is adjusted to match the average demand of the contact plant.

The SOX removal rate is 10 100 t/y, while the produced sulfuric acid has the concentration of 10 wt%. This project was completed in 2014.